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Driven 5W20 XP1 RACE Oil 00006


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XP1 - Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their unrestricted engines. Viscosity typical of SAE 5W-20. JG 00006

Joe Gibbs Racing uses XP1 synthetic engine oil in short-track and intermediate speedway engines. XP1 features a proven additive package designed to protect a flat-tappet camshaft turning over 9,000 RPM, and XP1 utilizes multiple high film strength base oils capable of protecting an 850 horsepower engine operating at 240F. XP1 can be used in any racing engine that calls for a SAE 30 weight viscosity. Designed for clearances under .0024, XP1 works well in stock GM crate engines engines, NASCAR Spec Engines and dry-sump, iron block engines. XP1 performs the best in engines operating with oil temperatures between 180F and 240F.

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