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Driven SR50 Conventional 20W50 Racing Motor Oil 05206 Canada Performance Improvements

Driven SR50 Conventional 20W50 Racing Motor Oil 05206


  • $13.99 CAD

Racing every weekend in the grassroots world is expensive – fuel costs, replacement parts, trekking back and forth to the track. When it comes to saving money, skimping on race car maintenance can be a short-term solution leading to a long-term problem. What if there was a cost-effective way to prevent this problem?

Introducing SR50, the latest addition to the Driven Racing Oil line of lubricants. SR50 was designed with racers in mind, offering maximum performance at a price the sportsman racer can afford. With SR50, you can have peace of mind, protect your race car, and spare yourself weeks of downtime doing expensive engine rebuilds.

A robust conventional motor oil to be used where frequent oil changes are needed, such as in dirt track and sportsman bracket racing, to eliminate the build-up of dirt or fuel dilution. It utilizes a proprietary anti-wear and friction-reducing additive package to fight valve train wear and internal scuffing. Ideal for race engines requiring a 20W-50 weight motor oil, SR50 provides consistent protection for flat tappet engines and prevents lifter skidding in aggressive roller cam valve trains using both needle and bushing lifters. It is not recommended in engines with stamped steel rockers; instead, use Driven Racing Oil’s XP9 or XP6 for optimal durability.

  • Robust conventional 20W-50 race oil at an economic, racer-friendly price
  • Proprietary high zinc formulation for flat tappet and roller lifters
  • Proven to reduce skidding with roller lifters with both needle and bushed designs
  • Ideal for racers who need to change oil often to prevent dirt buildup and accumulated fuel dilution
  • Compatible with most fuels, including methanol, E85, and race gas
  • Provides up to 38% better wear protection than high zinc, national brand synthetic oils

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