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Driven Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive 70040


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Carb Defender Is The Bodyguard For Your Carburetor

  • Prevents corrosion, prevents deposits, in all fuel systems, caused by ethanol blended fuels
  • Utilizes proven corrosion inhibitors that are stable in gasoline, ethanol and methanol fuel that stabilizes the fuel and prevents oxidation
  • Does not change the octane or burn properties of the fuel and allows storage of fuel without damage to fuel system components
  • Race proven chemistry allows use in high compression performance and collector vehicle applications

Corrosion happens in your hot rod, classic car and even your daily driver if it was built before 2007 or so. The water and ethanol reacts to both aluminum and zinc, two of the primary components in the alloy carburetors are made from, to eat away the material and leave behind white scaly deposits. Those deposits create the perfect trifecta of bad: loss of performance, fuel mileage and reliability.

Believe it or not, ethanol isn’t as damaging to a daily driver as it is to a car that is only driven occasionally and allowed to sit for long periods. It’s that prolonged contact that can really do the damage. Knowing all this, it’s easy to see that classics, hot rods and other older cars that are normally only driven on weekends and during nice weather are most susceptible to the perils of ethanol. And a car allowed to sit over the winter is especially at risk. Ethanol-blended fuels are also particularly tough on marine, or boat engines, small engines like lawn mowers and power generators, and motorcycle engines.

Driven Racing Oil’s new Carb Defender additive doesn’t affect the fuel but instead creates a sacrificial barrier between the carburetor (and other fuel system components) and the ethanol.

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