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KVR CD Silver Brake Rotors Honda Rear Canada Performance Improvements

KVR CD Silver Brake Rotors Honda Rear


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Featuring superior materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, one-piece brake discs from KVR Performance provide a dramatic decrease in stopping distance. All brake discs are CNC Machined for maximum precision, engineered for direct, bolt-in replacement of your vehicle's Original Equipment!

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Surface Treatements:

Cross-Drilled: KVR uses a specially designed end mill to bore the holes into the rotors. This process is more acurate than drilling, and has proven to be the best way for limiting stress relief. Cross-Drilled rotors run cooler, reducing brake fade and warpage while increasing rotor life. You'll enjoy shorter stopping distances, esepcially in wet weather.

Slotted: All slots on KVR one-piece discs are CNC machined for maximum precision. The entire slot is located within the disc annalus (braking surface) to reduce the chance of thermal shock and eliminate stress points. Slots channel gasses produced under hard braking by your friction materials away from the braking surface for enhanced initial bite, giving you a competitive edge on the track or the street with their tough, performance look.

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