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Leatt Head & Neck Restraint MRX Pro Canada Performance Improvements

Leatt Head & Neck Restraint MRX Pro


  • $688.87 CAD

Unique and Comfortable Restraint for Motorsport   

The MRX Pro Head and Neck Restraint was designed specifically for motorsport and features a unique combination of comfort and protection. The restraint is ideal for all types of racing where you are strapped in a seat.

It is made to be super comfortable with fire retardant Nomex® padding and a flexible frame design that allows for additional free movement of the head. The single rear collar angle design ensures a perfect fit and works with all seat angles and driver positions. It is further equipped with a seatbelt channel that guides the belt away from the soft tissues of the neck.

The MRX Pro now comes with a fatigue foam collar that is also made of Nomex®, providing additional comfort during harsh riding conditions. The Leatt® MRX Pro device is certified to be used with or without the foam collar, and it is up to the driver whether to go with or without it.

The collar is ideal for off-road and rally racing as it reduces bumpy head movements when driving on tough terrains. For co-drivers it is a must – just imagine feeling more relaxed whilst driving on even the bumpiest roads.

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