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Dodge Hemi 426 Diecast Engine Canada Performance Improvements Prices in Canadian, No Duties, 365 Day Return

Dodge Hemi 426 Diecast Engine



  • $48.99 CAD

These are very accurate reproductions all are fully wired and plumbed exactly like the original they represent. This intricately detailed replica is Hand Assembled. When the 426 Hemi was introduced in 1964 it was strictly a racing engine. The street version differed from its racing cousin by virtue of a lower compression ration (10.25:1), milder valve timing, and different intake and exhaust manifolds. For reliability, cast iron heads were used instead of aluminum.

Our 1/6 size replica includes the following features:

  • Starter Motor Gear drives the Flywheel Gear which turns the Fan, the Fan Pulleys, Belts, Alternator and Power Steering Pump.
  • Air Cleaner is removable to reveal highly detailed carburetors.
  • Air Cleaner is plated with REAL CHROME.
  • Fuel system includes fuel lines, filters and pump.
  • Realistic intake manifold/exhaust manifold breather pipes and other misc. plumbing.
  • Full ignition wiring.

Special Order - call for ordering, lead time, and shipping charges.



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