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Dodge Hemi Top Fuel Dragster Die Cast Engine Canada Performance Improvements Prices in Canadian, No Duties, 365 Day Return

Dodge Hemi Top Fuel Dragster Die Cast Engine


  • $48.99 CAD

Supercharged 426 Hemi – 8,000 horsepower drag racing engine This is a highly detailed 1/6 scale die cast metal replica of the supercharged 426 Hemi 8,000 horsepower Top Fuel drag racing engine, circa 1969. Considered the most powerful engine at the time. At first he 426 Hemi, wasn’t living up to expectations That changed when Don Garlits advanced the ignition timing far beyond what was considered safe, for the older generation Hemi. To his surprise, the new engine did not fail, but ran dramatically quicker times. The rest is history.


Our 1/6 size replica includes the following features:

  • Highly detailed GMC blower case includes real compression springs and bolts that can be seen just below the front case cover.
  • Real chrome plated blower scoop complete with butterfly vanes and spring linkage.
  • Nitro methane and fuel hoses
  • Ribbed blower belt turns  the blower, crankshaft and idler pulleys
  • Heavy duty fuel pump with high pressure braided fuel line
  • Heavy duty racing distributor and magneto
  • Heavy duty ignition wiring
  • Hollow tube exhaust pipes, just like the real thing
  • Racing oil manifold and hoses
  • Low profile dragster oil pan
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Plated valve covers.

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