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LUMENS Ultra LED Conversion Bulb & Driver


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Ultra LEDs are sold Individually, 1 Bulb + 1 Driver for 1 headlight. Next generation LED lights provide comparable light output to Xenon HID Conversions without the glare. More than twice the brightness of halogens.

NOTE: NOT recommended to be used with Projector Beam Headlight Assemblies. Solve "lamp out" messages, flickering, and DRL issues by using with Hidcor's SMART BOX.

No hard-to-fit fans! Pure Copper Braided Belts allows maximum flexibility for installation.

Instantly on to full brightness without any warm up times.

Plug n' Play design eliminates the need for harnesses & larger resistors to be used during installs. 

One piece unibody core ensures maximum heat dissipation from LEDs to Pure Copper Braided Belts.

  1. 1 LED Bulb and 1 LED Driver - Plug n’ Play Easy Install
  2. Fits Most Vehicles
  3. Pure White 6000K Colour
  4. Optimal Light Pattern
  5. Focus replicated from Halogen Bulb
  6. 6 pieces of Pure Copper Braided Belts cool best
  1. Comparable to Xenon HID Light Output
  2. More than twice the brightness of Halogens
  3. Less glare than HIDs
  4. No need to worry about touching the bulb
  5. Instant on - no warm up time
  6. Pure Copper Braided Belts for tight locations

PROBLEMS? Solve "lamp out" messages, flickering, and DRL issues by using with Hidcor's SMART BOX 

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