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MSD 2955 Atomic EFI Install Kit for LS1/LS6 Canada Performance Improvements Canadian

MSD 2955 Atomic EFI Install Kit for LS1/LS6


  • $224.88 CAD

MSD 2955 Electric Fuel Pump

Atomic EFI; Install Kit for LS1/LS6

MSD's Atomic LS system not only will make your LS engine perform better, this system provides the easiest installation possible with less wiring, resulting in a clean engine compartment. The Atomic LS EF system does not require a computer. You simply answer a few questions on the supplied handheld controller and the engine will fire right up. Once your engine is running, you will be able to dial-in advanced settings such as air/fuel ratio targets, ignition timing, and much more to customize the Atomic to your engine and driving habits. The Atomic will learn how to best tune your LS engine so you can enjoy the performance and drive ability of your engine. MSD has a variety of advanced programming features that are simple to navigate through the handheld programmer. These unique features allow you to really tune your LS engine.

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