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MSD 5591 Street Fire GM EFI Distributor Canada Performance Improvements Canadian

MSD 5591 Street Fire GM EFI Distributor


  • $283.88 CAD

GM used this distributor when trucks first moved to EFI back in 1988! It was carried over into cars and was used through the mid 1990's and the introduction of the Vortech engine and the LS Series block. Also, many aftermarket EFI systems require this style distributor and module. 

Product Features

Street Fire is a new brand from MSD that delivers quality at a budget price. All of the Street Fire components are spec'd by MSD engineers and designed to provide performance for the price. The quality of each part is backed up with a one year warranty!
All new components, including the coil, spec'd by MSD engineers, One full year warranty, Heavy duty distributor gear for durability.

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