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MSD 82878 Multiple Spark Coil, GM LS2/7 (Set of 8)


  • $894.88 CAD

MSD 82878 Ignition Coil

Coils; Pro Power; GM LS2/3/4/7/9; 05-13; 8-Pack

MSD Ignition’s Multiple Spark Coils (MSC) will fit in place of the stock Gen-III GM coils and connect directly to the factory connec­tors. Once installed, you’ll have the power and performance of higher energy sparks, crowned with MSD’s multiple spark discharge. Increased spark energy and voltage, along with multiple spark capabilities, help improve the combustion process of the fuel mix­ture to create an efficient burn. This results in improved throttle response, smooth idle and quick starts, plus increased high rpm performance!There are two types of housings for the MSD Coils.

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