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Mothers 08712 Professional Finishing Polish Canada Performance Improvements

Mothers 08712 Professional Finishing Polish


  • $17.99 CAD

Professional Finishing Polish

Mothers® Professional Paint Restoration System uses the same industry-proven formulas found in body shops worldwide to give you a showroom new finish, without the guesswork. Reconditioning your paint from normal wear and tear, buff fresh paint after colour sanding, or even improve your factory applied paint finish, especially clear-coats.

Finishing Polish removes compounding scratches, towel marks, hazing, holograms, and other imperfections.

Designed for the professional detailer, but simple enough for anyone, Mothers® streamlines paint correction to give you brilliant colour, enhanced gloss, unmatched depth, and a perfectly prepared surface, ready for waxing.

Part# 08712, 12 oz. Professional Finishing Polish



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