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LUMENS Multi LED Bulb Pairs


  • $22.95 CAD

Direct replacement LED bulb pairs. Available in White, Blue, Amber, and Red. 360 Degree coverage of LEDs allow for even light distribution and ability for light housing to reflect light generated by bulbs. LED bulbs have a clean colour that doesn't fade, are energy efficient, and simple to install. With the use of 5050 type SMD LEDs, these bulbs are unmatched when it comes to 'dollars to brightness'.

Available in White, Red, and Amber. LED Bulbs have polarity, if it doesn't light up simply reverse the bulb. Sold in PAIRS.

NOTE: Off-Road Use Only. Check local laws before using. Recommended for Interior Lights and Exterior Lights. Not to be used for Signal Lights and Visibility. To decrease the flash rate, use our LED Resistors or LED Flasher Relays to prevent hyper flashing. 



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