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Chevrolet 141-315 Air Cleaners Canada Performance Improvements

Chevrolet 141-315 Air Cleaners


  • $90.99 CAD

These air cleaner kits are offered in two styles, the classic, which reflects many years of GM air cleaner styling, and the newer high-performance look. They are equipped with the CHEVROLET Trademark, and they are supplied with genuine GM (AC) air filter elements for maximum airflow. Both the tops and the bases are chrome plated to exacting standards for long-lasting appearance, and each kit is supplied with necessary mounting hardware. The classic air cleaner kits are supplied with special die-cast Bowtie center nuts (also offered separately). Technical Note: After installing a new air cleaner, always lower the hood slowly to confirm sufficient clearance visually. Minimum clearance of 3-3/4 is required from the top of the carburetor gasket area to the underside of the hood. The 10" air cleaner kits are supplied with 2-53/64" tall filter GM P/N 25040929 (AC P/N A773C). For buyers wishing a taller (3-17/32") filter, purchase GM P/N 6419892 (AC P/N A178CW).



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