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Chevrolet 141-639 Spark Plug Wire Holder Canada Performance Improvements

Chevrolet 141-639 Spark Plug Wire Holder


  • $174.99 CAD

Using the valve cover mounting bolts, these handsome Chevrolet chrome looms are positioned along the valve cover to hold the wires (up to 8mm) in a neat parallel arrangement. The epoxy-coated Bowtie Emblem is centrally located for maximum visibility. The wire holders are opened and closed individually with a patented nylon wedge to permit the chrome tops to have a smooth surface free of screw holes. Manufactured under U.S. design patents 298,798;284,262;311,487. 1 pair per package. Technical Note: Before purchasing, check exhaust manifold for correct usage. For clearance reasons, the manifold must not be much higher than the valve cover mounting flanges.



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