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Proform 66433 1-Wire Mini Alternator 50 AMP Canada Performance Improvements

Proform 66433 1-Wire Mini Alternator 50 AMP


  • $379.99 CAD

If you're not looking to power a small village with your alternator, and drop 5 pounds from the front end at the same time, Proform's 100% new 50 AMP 1-Wire Mini Alternators are the perfect choice for you. These small yet powerful mini alternators are great for the racer looking for something lightweight and reliable, or the cruiser looking for something that looks great within the engine bay. Proform delivers high quality components within every alternator to ensure maximum longevity and optimum performance output. Each alternator is individually tested by highly specialized machines to ensure the best product possible. Included with a machined v-belt pulley and available in either crinkle black or polished finish.



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