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PerTronix 500 Ignition Control Module Canada Performance Improvements

PerTronix 500 Ignition Control Module


  • $538.99 CAD

PerTronix 500 Second Strike Igniton Box

Second Strike is the only ignition system to provide a powerful second spark throughout the entire RPM range. Other multiple spark discharge systems typically revert to one spark at about 3000 RPM. The "Second Strike" is a microcontroller based ignition supplement that works with most inductive type systems. Following the primary spark, the Second Strike delivers a powerful capacitive discharge second spark resulting in more complete combustion. At very high RPM's the increased burn time can reduce misfires resulting in more peak horsepower and torque. Second Strike's unique crank angle offset (CAO) feature gives you tunability that no other box has. Simply turn the dial and change the time, in crank angle degrees, that the second spark occurs. A wide range of adjustment gives you the flexibility to find which CAO works best for your engine. The integrated digital rev limiter features easy to use rotary switches that adjust the RPM limit to an ultra fine resolution of 100 RPMs, eliminating the need for old resistor style pills or chips. Proprietary algorithms provide superior control of rev limit and a rapid response time to over rev events, preventing engine failure.



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