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PerTronix D300710 Flame-Thrower Billet Distributor Canada PIspeedshops

PerTronix D300710 Flame-Thrower Magnetic Trigger Billet Distributor Black


  • $299.88 CAD
  • Save $22

Magnetic trigger billet distributors are an extension of the same great platform we designed for our Plug n’ Play series distributors. These feature-rich distributors are the perfect alternative to the over-priced distributors other competitors offer yet offer more value with precision engineered features including accurate signalling and superior dimensional stability. Our Magnetic trigger billet distributors feature vacuum advance canisters including optional lockout for ease of compatibility with your desired ignition system. Magnetic trigger billet distributors are the recommended choice when using the NEW Digital HP CD Ignition Box and Flame-Thrower HP Coil. 

NOTE: Must be used with ignition box.



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