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Painless 30815 Headlight Relay Conversion Harness (H-4) Canada Performance Improvements

Painless 30815 Headlight Relay Conversion Harness (H-4)

Painless Performance

  • $395.99 CAD

Designed for H-4 halogens headlights to get maximum power from your headlights, it is recommended to have the shortest possible distance between the power source and the bulbs. Our headlight harness draws power directly from the battery, through a relay, to the headlights, providing full power to your H4 conversion headlights or halogen sealed beams. It can also be used to relocate head lamps to a remote location.

This kit includes:

  1. Two 40 Amp weatherproof relays
  2. Two weatherproof relay bases with wiring harness
  3. Weatherproof 30 Amp fuse (capable of handling up to 150 Watts)
  4. Mating connectors to factory headlights and harness

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