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Rodders Journal 74

Rodders Journal

  • $23.99 CAD

Rodder’s Journal #74 On the newsstand cover of TRJ #74, we have a studio shot of the Veazie brothers’ bare metal Model A, a ’50s-style highboy that the duo built at So-Cal Speed Shop with the guidance of the late Pete Chapouris. For the subscribers, we have a nostalgic black and white photo of Joe Conforth’s Beach Modified in action at the first annual Race of Gentlemen West in California.

Inside, the issue is jam-packed with features from across the United States and beyond. From chopped and channelled early Fords to scratch built customs to an excerpt on the new Tom Medley book, there’s no shortage of exciting new content. Plus, we’ve filled the front and back of the magazine with more photos, stories and tons of extras that you won’t want to miss.



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