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Rodders Journal 78

Rodders Journal

  • $23.99 CAD

We’re excited to introduce Rodder’s Journal #78, which is printed with pride in the United States. Although we have changed where we’re printing, we have worked hard to maintain—and exceed—the quality you have come to expect from us. On the newsstand cover of this milestone issue, we showcase a bright red roadster that may be familiar to many: Gray Baskerville’s full-fendered ’32 Ford. For the subscribers, we photographed Jon Wright’s timeless ’36 Ford as the sun was setting over the Nevada desert.

Working your way through the magazine’s 160-plus pages, you’ll find everything from the Rolling Bones’ newest chopped ’34 Ford and an early custom scrapbook to the definitive story of Popular Hot Rodding’s “Project X” ’57 Chevy. We also have a fast-paced artist profile, a supercharged drag roadster and much more.



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