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HushMat 10110 Speaker Kit Black (4) 6”x12” Canada Performance Improvements

HushMat 10110 Speaker Kit Black (4) 6”x12”


  • $29.95 CAD

Black Foil - 4 Sheets 6" x 12" each 2 Sq. Ft. What sounds better a Home theatre speaker or a car door speaker? Right - the home speaker! What is the difference? It is the enclosure that the speaker sits in. The fine crafted wooden cabinet or the metal door full of holes. Clearly the home cabinet. In most cases the quality of the speaker going in the car door is better than that in the home! The difference is the enclosure.

• Eliminates road noise and vibration
• Engineered to fit OEM specifications and is approved
• Wraps easily around tight areas
• Reduces heat up to 40 percent
• Withstands temperature from minus 30 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit



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