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Spectre 902282B Air Intake System 1968-1974 Chevy Nova Canada Performance Improvements

Spectre 902282B Air Intake System 1968-1974 Chevy Nova


  • $760.99 CAD

Spectre's 902282B Air Intake System for a 1968-1974 Chevy Nova includes a 2 into 1 Y pipe, our DTM plenum, 2 white Spectre air filters, and vehicle specific heat shields. This air intake requires relocating the battery. For all of you who love your musclecar, Spectre musclecar cold air intakes will have you loving your vintage iron even more. Now, you can have the power-increasing technology that race cars and modern cars have employed for some time.

Spectre, a company rooted in racing with a definite bias toward early musclecars and speed, has designed simple, universal cold air intake systems for your specific ride. Available for many applications, Spectre musclecar cold air intakes let you choose the location to draw the cold air from--the wheelwells, cowls, front gravel shields, or even the high-beams--with the optional headlight scoops. The more cold air you take in, the more power you make. Spectre cold air intakes help to reduce the incoming air temperature by introducing fresh cold air to the engine for incredible power gains--and since your engine won't need to work as hard, there's the added benefit of improved gas mileage. Get back in the groove with the coolest thing available for your muscle--Spectre musclecar cold air intakes.

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