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TCI 399873 Automatic Transmission Flexplate Canada Performance Improvements

TCI 399873 Automatic Transmission Flexplate


  • $164.88 CAD

TCI Automotive 399873 Automatic Transmission Flexplate 91-97 454 And 502 Steelcrank

1-Piece Rear Main Seal Dual Bolt Pattern: LS Bolt Pattern (11.1") and GM Small Bolt Pattern (10-3/4")

Whether you need stock, stamped, or heavy-duty, TCI forged flexplates are your performance solution. TCI offers popular Chrysler, Ford, and Chevy applications. Their forged selection for Chrysler includes special counterbalanced flexplates for neutral balance torque converters in cast crank applications that came with a counterbalanced torque converter. For Ford applications, TCI offers OEM-style small block plates built to precise standards with extra-thick welds to retain starter ring gear, and they are precision-balanced. Their Chevy stamped flexplates are built .035 in. thicker than stock from high-tensile strength materials with extra welding to help retain the starter ring gear, and to withstand the stress of high-rpm engines and high-stall converters. For stock or mild performance, buzzing around at high rpm requires the confidence of TCI forged flexplates.

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