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Vibrant Performance 11621 Oxygen Sensor Test Fitting Canada Performance Improvements

Vibrant Performance 11621 Oxygen Sensor Test Fitting


  • $35.95 CAD

Oxygen Sensor Restrictor Fitting with Adjustable Gas Flow Inserts

This Vibrant Oxygen Sensor Simulator Fitting comes with adjustable jets to help clear stubborn check engine lights. The male end of this O2 simulator fitting threads into your existing M18 x 1.50 pitch 02 Bung while your O2 Sensor threads into the female side of this fitting. You can use the supplied jets to restrict exhaust flow to your sensor, fooling the O2 Sensor to eliminate Check Engine Lights (CELs). Includes 3 different sized jets that you can choose from that secure with a snap ring. Full T304 stainless steel construction.

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