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Vibrant Intercooler Core; 20"W x 11"H x 3.5"Thick 12835 Canada Performance Improvements

Vibrant Intercooler Core; 20"W x 11"H x 3.5"Thick 12835


  • $303.88 CAD

Vibrant Air to Air Intercooler Cores feature heavy duty bar and plate construction that is designed to deliver maximum cooling efficiency while minimizing pressure drop. These intercooler cores are designed for forced induction engines found in motorsport, marine and industrial applications. Furthermore, their overall strength and durability make them capable of handling even the most extreme, high boost, race applications. Vibrant offers a range of intercooler cores sized small enough for ATVs, Snowmobiles and Genset Generators; and big enough for 1300+ horsepower gasoline or diesel race engines. Each Intercooler Core is cleaned and prepared to be ready to weld right out of the box.

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